Sony Headphones Price | Sony Headphones with Mic- Awesome Headfone

Sony Headphones Price  | Sony Headphones with Mic- Awesome Headfone

Sony Headphones Price  | Sony Headphones with Mic
 I’m a really big fan of the Sony 1000XM2,but Sony also dropped the WI-1000X on the same day. The WI in WI-1000X stands for Wireless InEar, and these are neck band styled in ear head phones. But although Sony really hit the mark withtheir 1000XM2, is the WI-1000X any good? We’re about to find out, don’t forgetto like comment and subscribe and you can watch some of my other videos here after you’redone watching this video. The Sony WI-1000X come in the same two colorsas the 1000XM2… Black and Gold. And they’re currently retailing for $299.99. Thats the same price as the Sony 1000X headphonesand fifty dollars less than the 1000XM2. I just thought you should know. If you want to pick either of these productsup I’ll have links in the description below and I’ll keep them updated so you can getthe best deal possible.

 The unboxing experience on the WI-1000X isthe same as the 1000XM2 over ear headphones. You open the lid and front and center arethe ear phones. Underneath you will find a few things likea micro USB cable for charing, a micro USB to 3.5 millimeter audio jack cable, a fewear buds and a soft carrying case. You get two sets of ear buds to choose from,your standard silicon ear buds and you also get a silicon and rubber hybrid pair. They’re sort of like Comply ear tips, exceptthey’re much bouncier and they don’t mold as much. But I really like how all of the ear budsare color coded and I really like the case they come in. It really helps with organization. Design wise, the WI-1000X shares the samedesign language as the Sony 1000XM2 head phones. Obviously these are neck band style but forthose wondering… they don’t fold up and they are not water proof.

But all of the materials used on the WI-1000Xcan be found on the headphones. The neck band is made out of the same stainlesssteel and theres also the same synthetic leather on the legs of the neck band. Theres a good amount of padding for the backof your neck and the whole unit it self weighs just 72 grams so you actually forget you’rewearing them after awhile. Theres an NFC touch point on the right sideand on the left leg you’ll find the micro usb port for charging. On the inside of the left leg you will findthe power button, volume controls and a play pause button to control your music playback. They’re very raised and very easy to tellapart by just touch and they also have really good tactile feed back. If you press the power button once while theear phones are on they will tell you your current battery status and if you press andhold the play pause button you’ll activate siri. Also, the neck band will vibrate when youreceive calls and to be honest, it scared me half to death the first time they did so. And finally, on the right leg you will findthe control button for the Active noise cancellation.

 From there you can toggle from Ambient sound,Noise cancelation on and noise cancelation off. Moving up to the actual ear buds themselvesyou’ll notice they’re pretty big. You’ll also notice theres a cut out on thebottom portion for the noise cancelation mic on either ear buds and you’ll also noticethey are angled a bit. Although they fit well and go pretty deepinto your ear canal since the buds themselves are pretty heavy they will fall out if yourun with them on. Concerning tech specs, the WI-1000X have abattery life of 10 hours with noise cancelation on and with noise cancelation off they shouldlast you 13 hours. But if you used the wired connection withnoise cancelation on you should be able to get about 14 hours of battery life. And in my testing they have actually lastedme 12 hours with noise cancelation on. And they also have quick charging, 10 minutesof charging will get you 70 minutes of play back just like the 1000XM2. Sadly, the WI-1000X is using the same bluetooth4.1 as the 1000XM2. Which means you still get the same 40 footwireless range, but you cant quickly switch from device to device.

Instead you have to go into your settingsmenu of each device and manually disconnect the 1000X from one device and manually connectthem to your other device. I just feel that with Apple’s W1 chip outthere and with bluetooth 4.2 or 5.0 as an option, premium head phones like these shouldbe able to be connected to multiple devices at the same time and be able to quickly switchbetween them. But I don’t know what Sony has done withtheir noise cancelation technology but I really like it. One of the biggest reasons I don’t likethe Bose QC35 is because the noise cancelation has a lot of cabin pressure and theres a lotof hissing when they’re not playing music. But the new 1000XM2 headphones have no cabinpressure what so ever and the noise cancelation is even better than the Bose QC35. And most of those traits carry over to theWI-1000X.

 The noise cancelation causes no pressure onmy ear drums and they also haven’t caused me any head aches. And the noise cancelation mics on the WI-1000Xdo a really good job of rejecting wind noise just like the 1000XM2. Although the in ear ear buds don’t offeras much passive noise isolation as the headphones, you can really tell a difference once theactive noise cancelation turns on. But the noise cancellation on the WI-1000Xis only worth using if you’re indoors. They do a good job of canceling out noisepollution like a whirling AC, or road noise from a passing car but everything else stillgets in. And since your ears aren’t encased in earcups theres only so much the noise cancelation on the neck band can do. So if you’re main concern is noise isolationthen you’re better off with the 1000XM2. The WI-1000X also feature ambient sound settingsthat allow you to control how much outside noise gets pumped into the ear phones.

They can also focus specifically on people’svoices. If you’re walking in the city you mightwant to have the ambient sound set high so you can know whats going on around you. If you work in an office you might want tohave the ambient sound set to medium so if HR yells for you… you can still hear them. Or if you just want to be in your own littleworld you can just turn ambient sound off and only have noise cancelation on. But the funny thing is, if you turn ambientsound all the way up you’ll be able to hear even more stuff than you would with just yournormal hearing. They’re like hearing aides. These ear phones also connect to Sony’sHeadphones app. From there you can also active Adaptive soundcontrol.

Basically if your ear phones detect you’rebeing still they will have noise cancelation on (but you can adjust that in the settings). If the head phones detect you’re walkingthey will raise the ambient sound a bit, if they detect you’re running or exercisingwith them they will raise the ambient sound even more (put personally I wouldn’t usethese for working out). And if they detect you’re taking publictransportation they will block out everything. The WI-1000X also have a built in pressuresensor just like the 1000XM2 so they can measure the barometric pressure in your immediatesurroundings, and then compensate the sound and noise cancelation accordingly. The idea is that you should get the best noisecancellation whether you’re on the ground or on an airplane. But I still haven’t been able to test eitherof the headphones on an airplane. when it comes to sound quality, these didn’tblow me away. The Depth, vocals, and the mid sound prettygood. But when it comes to the lows and highs thatswhere these head phones fall short.

 First, the highs tend to be too sharp mostof the time and they do cause discomfort. Or they just completely crash. And bass on these headphones really like toroll off and muddle the rest of the sound. But through Sony’s headphone app you caneasily adjust the EQ of the neck band just like with the 1000XM2. But even after going through all of the EQoptions and even trying to adjust it my self, I just couldn’t find the right settingsthat fixed the Sharp highs and muddled bass. But though Sony’s app you can also adjustthe surround settings and change the sound positioning on these ear phones. But just like the 1000XM2, I just keep thosefeatures off.

But I know I’ve given Sony a lot of crapin the past for having bad mobile apps, but their Headphones app has been very solid evenafter the iOS 11 update. Like I mentioned earlier, you can use theseear phones with a wired connection. You can use them while powered off or youcan use them while they’re on and still enjoy some noise cancelation. But what I don’t get is that you cant usethe controls on the left leg of the neck band to control your music play back. And since theres no inline controller on thecable you have to whip out your phone. I just wish you could still just use the buttons. But over all, I feel the WI-1000X are justmeh.

You cant workout with them cause the ear budsare heavy and will fall out and the neck band will fall out of place if you’re on thebench press and they’re not sweat resistant. Although the noise cancelation is impressive,a lot of sound still manages to get in… and again, the Lows and Highs on these earphones don’t sound too good. If you’re willing to spend upwards of $300for a pair of head phones I really cant find a reason why you would get these over the1000XM2 aside from form factor. 

Sony headphones with mic are almost as iconic as the Walkman.Sony headphones with mic also share the legacy. Comprising a range of features ranging from noise cancellation, additional bass and durability, Sony can certainly be considered a giant that has influenced the way we view audio products in general over the years. In line with today’s demands, Sony noise canceling headphones are actually at the forefront of ANC headphones.
The sony headphones with mic WH-1000XM3, for example, is the king of ear muffs. As one of the latest Bluetooth headphones from Sony, it is truly exemplary. These sony headphones with mic even have intuitive touch controls, among exceptional audio quality. These sony headphones with mic are truly a work of art! And a Sony headset with mic options makes it a real crowd pleaser! Case in point – another noise canceling headset, the Sony WH-CH700N. Do not write Sony headphones. Sony Bluetooth headphones, or sony headphones with mic if you are an individual, are motors in themselves.
To say that sony headphones with mic is a headphone company would be to minimize it. A Japanese multinational conglomerate, it has its fingers in many pies of consumer and professional electronics, games, entertainment and financial services. Sony really made a breakthrough in 1979 with the production of the world’s first portable music player, the legendary Walkman. The Walkman itself launched a revolution among the world’s music listeners and took personal audio products to a whole new level. sony headphones with mic are a force to be reckoned with.
There’s something for everyone, from the bass head going to college to the business traveler and even the studio professional. All of this is possible for the well-thought-out price range of sony headphones with mic. Sony recently launched “Project Resound” to express the importance of “pure sound” and how great music through big headphones can really touch your heart.
While Sony doesn’t have the advantage of having more niche helmet companies, the company’s line of headphones remains popular with a loyal fan base spanning generations. Old or new, it’s only good if it’s a Sony. That’s their slogan – it’s a Sony!

Sony Headphones Price 

Its high resolution
The Japan Audio Society has certified some Sony headsets with its Hi-Res logo. This prestigious organization only certifies a product if it meets the criteria for a certain type of digital and analog audio reproduction process.

Noise canceling Sony headphones with micSony Headphones Price 

Enjoy high quality sound without distractions. With the best noise canceling headphones, your music – and nothing else – takes center stage. By silencing up to 99.7% of ambient noise, you can focus on your music like never before – details sparkle, sounds sound louder, and voices take on new power. Waiting for a call? Just turn off the noise canceling feature and let the world in.

Exclusive EXTRA BASS ™ Sony headphones with mic Sony Headphones Price 

Sony has carved a name for itself in the Indian mass market for its EXTRA BASS (XB series) headphones. Keep the party going or fill your world with deeper, more powerful sound with their exclusive heavy bass sound designed to appeal to EDM, Rap, Hip-Hop and Bollywood bass heads.
I didn’t buy these when they were full price but recently theydropped about $100 off of these things some of you guys got them even cheapercomment down below but anyways these are the WH xB 900 and click on my affiliatelinks down in that bit of description below my links will give you the mostupdated prices in real time you never know when this thing might go on sale Imake a small Commission if you purchase from my link down below so happen to mewith Jim’s review and I’m here to help you guys make that purchase decisionwelcome everyone to another review all right to start off folks I’m reallyinterested in seeing how close these come to the flagship WH 1000x m3s .

 maybe these would be a good alternative if you can forgo some of the features. some of the features first up let’s talkabout comfort now these feel great on the head the XP 910 is practically thesame weight as the WH 1000 x m3 is any boast 700 headphones coming in at 254grams no where fatigue experience clamping force around this jaw lineright here is nice and the ear cups are comfortable but they do heat up my earsa little bit here not a super light and airy feeling as the 1000 X m3s but sonyclaims because this is their XP lineup the ear cups have increased airtightness between the drivers and your ears to offer punchy bass now let’s goconfidently give these a green light for wearability now getting a closer lookthis is clearly where

Sony did some cost-cutting it’s the exterior I’m notputting down anyone buying these I mean I bought them myself but the plastics dofeel quite cheap it’s this hallow feeling with textured plastic that Iusually see on $100 headphones I know they’re built to be lightweight but thetexture is very generic you can scratch that you kind of feel it or hear itthough but they serve its purpose and honestly almost everything else aboutthese headphones I believe makes up for it let’s get into a little bit deeperhere now doing my stress test here that’s trying to break this here tryingto see or hear if there’s any kind of cracks creeks or squeaks also to feelhow taut these are they’re perfectly fine there’s a little bit of chatterhere in there but honestly the quality feels great for the price and I thinkit’s very much reasonable now getting a closer look the right ear cup has veryresponsive touch controls pause play skipping forward and going back on yourmusic this does have audio pass-through just hold your hand onto your right sideof the ear cup like so and then microphones turn on and pumps in yourenvironmental noises

 so he could hear what’s going on around you and thishappens very quickly with my experience of nearly instant now you can keep audiopass through on without holding the ear cup by pressing the multifunction buttonon the left ear cup with the physical custom button on the ear it’s responsiveeasy enough to find after alittle muscle member here give it a day or two and allows you to switch betweenambient sound ampion sound off and last turning on active noise-cancelling nowwithin these sony app you can change this over and have it become your googleassistant or amazon alexa activation instead during my time testing the voiceassistants are awesome since one press and the headphones here will tell me thetime read up my notifications if you hold the button down you can askquestions like you would with your phone make a listask a math question here etc google assistant from my testing is highlyresponsive and there’s minimal delay now the only downfall though with this youdo lose audio pastor or even the activation of active noise-cancellingyou will need to use the amp to adjust that now moving down further here i’mthe left ear cup you have power and parent quite straightforward herethere’s a USB see for charging which is awesome for future proofing yourself idid test if you’re able to use USB c to listen to your music on your computerand unfortunately i wasn’t able to do so you’re not even able to turn on theheadphones once you plug them into your laptop or pc i noticed this was the samething with the sony one doesn’t ex and Teresa’s well now last bit here there isa 3.5 millimeter port for physical connections which was nice and very lesssadly left ear cup is the near-field communication for easy pair and just tapyour phone like so maybe not while it’s on your head and it will instantly pairfor you but real quick since I touched based on power the XP 900 and sony isclaiming up to 30 hours of use and that’s actually with noise cancelling onand with music playback with my testing

 I’ll place the results on the screen foryou guys now this does have quick charging from a dead battery give this10 minutes on the charger and you will get back an hour worth of music playbackand before I forget here you can also check battery performance by tapping thepower button once and you get the audio readout where I wish every other headsetwould offer now one funky thing that I saw though I test my headphones and itdrains to let’s say 70 percent and it can stay there for a very long timebut then I turn off my headphones and use them later in the day I knowmy battery level would actually go back to 100% a little bit funky here andunreliable at times now moving on to Bluetooth performance I was hoping theywouldn’t skimp on this but we only get bluetooth 4.2 but here’s the crazy partI tested this on both my Android pixel for excel and my iPhone 10 both phonesI’m able to achieve 90% coverage here in my 1100 square foot apartment a testthis is on video as well and usually anything below Bluetooth 5.0 I havevideo syncing delays on both devices and on both YouTube and Netflix I alsodidn’t have any issues those who already owned these comment down below if you’rehaving video issues this was a total shock to me I mean this is great newsthough but I’m hoping this is consistent again anything below Bluetooth 5.0usually has been pretty sketchy for me for video the other additional perk onthe XP night ends though and why this might be a great value for you it alsosupports Bluetooth codecs at a very high degree we get the typical SBC but alsoAAC app Dex app that’s HD and the highest at the moment which is El deck Iknow a lot of abbreviations right there but as you go higher in the list herethe higher resolution audio files this thing supports if you either buy orstream high resolution audio these headphones will be capable of handlingit more my audio test a little bit later now the only issue with bluetooth that Ihad with the WH X beat and 900 ends I can’t have the headphones connected todevices at the same time for music playback it’s very similar to be 1000 Xm3s

 I can’t connect this to both phones and when I press play on either one ofthose devices the headphones will automatically switch over and play fromthat source you can though have one phone paired for music and the othersolely for phone calls those was actually switch seamlessly so folkssince we’re talking about phone calls here let’s get into the first audio testlet me bring you outdoors give you a rural sample here hit that like buttonfor that YouTube I’ll go here we go alright folks that’s got the microphonesany brand new Sony headset over here hopefully it sounds good to you guys nowI just did the test WHU 1000x entries before reporting ishere I’m gonna play a sample right after this one

I try to see if thesemicrophones are isolating my voice against what is going on in thebackground and also if the microphones are having trouble fighting to keep myvoice in the forefront again what is interesting though is cheaper ones dosound better than the WH 1000 XM threes which is the premium the flagships forSony if there is ever an m4 version marked for version coming out maybe atCES who knows I’m anticipating the backgrounds will sound great on thosetoo but anyways here goes D WH 1000 XM 3 is coming up and let me know in thecomment section below what you guys think there we goalright folks it was the test on the Sony WH 1000x m3 so hopefully it soundsgood to you guys let me know down the comment section below what you guysthink and back to the studio alright folks welcome back here so let’s getinto the active noise-cancelling test I stopped by this fast casualMediterranean restaurant keep in mind

I try to keep my camera away from peopleso hence the the camera is in a weird location but I do use my special vibeneuro microphones to hear this 3d like audio experience you have to put on yourown headphones or earphones to experience my tests folks here we go and welcome back people maybe next timeI should stop by a Popeyes or stuff like that I’ve been also waiting for thisplace called jollibee you guys might know of that place some of you guysmight not it’s not big in the US I don’t think but it’s pretty cool it’s underconstruction right now and it’s down the street we’ll see anyways it’s very clearthough and evident that the sony 1000 XM threes blows these things out the waterit’s basically done but my assessment the XP 900 ends it’s comparable to otherbudget active noise-cancelling headphones thinks it has a 450 BTN seesor even the taotronics bh0 6-0 likely to a fermented this is more fitting ifyou’re on a budget and looking for a good respectable and reliable entrypoint into the active noise-cancelling world a good bit of air conditionerscars driving by are canceled others near you typing on their keyboard will bereduced roughly by 50% voices are still heard but again reduces to a certaindegree here it’s not the best but it is something though the technology doeswork but again more so at a respectable entry level once you add in your musicmost things around you will be blacked out anyways so folks last year let’shear some audio samples keep in mind this is not necessarily a directcomparison but to see how much bang for the buck you guys can get on the XP 900ends versus the 1000 xm3 this might also help you determine if you want to saveup a little bit more and get the flagships or if you want to save somemoney and get the XP 900 and instead but before doing

so I hope you guys lovedseeing my work here you see how much effort I put into these things it wouldmean the world to me if you guys can BAM like that video to help support my workand also follow me on my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts thatwould again help me out so much right here it would mean the world to me I’llalso place the links that in a better description for you guys alright folkshere we go alright folks here goes the very firsttest here this is on the default settings for the XP 900 ends here sothis might take a little bit this time when I think about it now go stayin night after night this is justbehind all right folks welcome back audiorecorded on my end and then play through your speakers or not the best depictionan audio quality but hence my review here now first up how is the volume at30% I’m using that for simple casual listening at 50% I am so confidentbecause of the music I’m in the gym try and lift 50 pound dumbbells and 60% I’mturning into the Hulk it’s like beast mode right now these get loud and now Idon’t have any footage of me turning to beast mode or the Hulk here I’ve been inZen mode lately

 I actually just recently bought a plant somewhere anyways aswe’re sound leaking get serious here these performed on par with other overear headphones with music slightly audible and very quiet environments andlower volumes and busier environment that sound leaking is very minimal theseheadphones should be perfectly fine but now touching on bass since these areextra bass headphones it’s quite bass focus that’s pretty obvious but if Iwere to rank them sub bass shrunk rattling booty twerking base that’sexperience on the MDR XP 950 and once and be Skullcandy crushers then theseit’s right there the xb9 hundreds then these sony WH 1000 x m3 s below thatthen you get into whatever headphones are out there that’s punch your baseit’s not necessarily sub bass very deep bass like these now you can alwaysadjust this within the equalizer within the Sony headphone app now from what youheard in the audio sample it can go deeper from that and of course it can goa little bit lighter as well for me even at the factory default settings

 I stillhad slight listening fatigue but again within the app though I turned it downslightly and then these worked out great when I’m wanting bass in my hip-hop myEDM or pop music the XP 900 ends with that additional bass it definitely hitsit for B now the mid-range is separated for the most part from the lowerfrequencies very minor very minor muddiness on vocals on the very bottomend for bass heavy songs but for the most part the mid-range that includesvocal work instruments and such are independent and it stands on their ownif you really want the mid-range to be a bit clearer I use the excited audiopreset within the app and then turn down clear bass just by a smidge here and Ithink then these sound great for Basie and non audiophile headI didn’t mean by smidge as we brought it back to like a negative one or so nowthe high frequencies for me never pierced my ears and within reasonthey’re sharp enough without being tinny but just enough to complement the heavybass side of things during my time testing the biggest ratite though that Iwould say these are lacking soundstage it doesn’t sound eerie at all or wide inthe audio samples you can hear the 1000x m3s it sounds a bit more spacial butagain there’s a flagship headphones what the XP 900 and doesn’t have insoundstage it makes up an excellent audio separation and excellent left andright audio channels in general for the price that I paid and with all thefeatures and functions

I think this is a great alternative to the 1000 XM threesI would say if you’re on a budget you can get these on sale they’re worth itthen I just wish the plastic was a little bit better so folks I know manyof you guys have already purchased this so how about the Jim’s review roomcommunity with your opinions are these good to you guys those who haven’t ownedthese are these worth approaches after watching my review last if you haven’talready please be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram with the addresseson your screen right there that would mean the world to me it would help mealso that like button subscribe if you haven’t already those are my personalaccounts on the screen and down below in the video description just click andfollow alright folks I’m gonna get going I’ll talk to you guys latertake care.

 – I once spent some time with these, the WF-1000XM3s, which area premium, truly wireless, active noise canceling,in-ear monitor from Sony. But today’s video is notabout these, it’s about these. The WF-XB700s, XB stands for extra bass. And they’re a 100 dollars cheaper. What do you think about that? (sniffs) Let’s see if the expensive ones suck a 100 dollars less than these. Come on baby. I feel like already, thepackaging is more austere than this one, and here it is. Whoa, very lightweight, plastic AF. Not completely opaque, and herethey are, these are bigger. These are definitely bigger than the XM3s. But they’re not huge,holy these are isolating. My voice sounds weird, even. They’re like earplugs, almost. These do not have active noise canceling, the isolation that youget when you put them in, is all you’re gettingbut that might be enough.

The other thing is that these don’t have any capacitive touch, they don’t swipe, they don’t have gestures,they’re not capacitive, each has a button, on the right button, you can play and pause,that’s a single tap. You can double tap for next, you can triple tap for previous, you can hold for the virtual assistant, in my case that’s goingto be Google Assistant because I’m an Android boy baby. And then on the leftside, that’s your volume. You click it to incrementin steps going up, louder and louder and you hold it for continuous volume going down. So one step while one’scontinuous is a bit weird, but it’s easy to getused to, you just hold it until it’s as quiet as youwant and then you let it go. So let’s see how itactually works with music, when I pair it to my phone. 100 percent battery, rock and roll. One of the differencesbetween these puppies and the more expensive premiumcounterpart is battery life. These ones advertise 18hours of battery life, whereas the more expensiveones advertise 24 hours. Now that’s not just onone go from the earbuds, that’s including the charge case. Interestingly, these onesadvertise a longer playtime from the earbud itself,they say nine hours from the earbuds themselves, whereas the XM3s advertise six hours.

I might as well just open these up. You can already see the packaging is quite a bit more involved, but here we go. The charge case is quite abit bigger between these two, it’s honestly slicker looking,it’s got this nice click, this one you’re not going toreally be able to fidget with. But you can see the size difference, this has a way bigger battery I think, because it provides three fullcharges to the headphones, so that’s three six hour charges, plus whatever you canhold on the headphones for a total of 24, whereas this one I thinkis only 100 milliamp hours, so you just get one additional charge. So nine hours per charge, total 18. Okay, let’s play some music, right after this messagefrom our sponsor, Honey. Honey is the free shopping tool that finds the best promocodes whenever you shop online at specific sites, Honeyworks in over 30000 stores, including Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, Razer, Bestbuy, Walmart, and many more. It’s free and installs in just two clicks, literally two clicks.

 Honey gets a small commission from sites where Honey saves youmoney, so it’s free for you and nothing fishy, they don’tsell your data or anything, so get them now, check them out at Back to the headphones. I’ve been obsessed withthis song by Annie Lennox, called Walking on Broken Glass, I’m pretty sure it’s an ’80ssong, ever since I listened to the Strong SongsPodcast from Kirk Hamilton, he did an episode on this song and I’ve just been blastingit, sorry wife, holy cow. With these things, theylive up to the name, the extra bass, this song soundsalmost like a dance remix. When the bass kicked in itwas just pulsing, driving. If you’re a bass head, I thinkyou’re going to like these, but more and more I’m thinking, these are probably great for the gym.

They’re IPX4 rated, and thatmeans that they have no rating for dust, that’s the X, butthey do have a rating for water, in this case it’s a four,I believe it’s out of nine, and the four means thatthey can withstand splashes from any direction, andthat’s basically just sweat. So it looks they aregeared towards gym goers, that obviously makes sense. It kind of looks like it couldget splashed and survive, it almost has like a boat finish. They look like theycould pop out of my ear and land on a dumbbell andlike they’re going to be okay, someone else could maybe stepon them, they might survive. And this case is just goingto easily slip into a bag, I think these are goingto be great for the gym, especially since they’re so isolating, you can drown out the musicthat the gym is playing above your music pretty easily with these.

 Let’s see how loud they go. Yeah, they go loud enough, louder than I would gofor a healthy listening, you’re going to have noproblems hearing your music overtop of ambient noises atthe gym and stuff like that. They don’t have fins, let’slook at what else is in the box. There’s only this. Instructions, an adapter for USB-C to A, and then more ear tips. A lot of athletic centered in-ears will give you optional siliconefins that you can put on, and they kind of nest intothis part of your ear. These didn’t come withthat, but I think it’s okay, like they feel pretty sturdy and it’s because they usedthe same design mentality as these ones, which isthe three point contact kind of system in your ear,and they’re really stable. You could do box jumps, you can head bang, you could fall off your skateboard, and you know, hit something because you weren’t listeningproperly with these, and they’re probably going to stay in.

Your shoes might fly off though. Similar to the higher pricedpremium version, the case, it does have these littleindicators which I really like, red and white is alsoindicated on the headphones so it’s just a no brainerwhen you want to put them back in the case, and theysnap in really nicely too. Uh-oh, my tip fell off,just the tip though. Let’s listen to some more tracks. They are punchy on the bass, you’re going to love theseif you like EDM and stuff, but when I’m listeningto non-dance content, they’re still good headphones. They’re really articulate, I’m noticing thingsthat I might not notice when I’m listening in my car for example. Now as for the high frequencies, which can be harsh on crappier headphones, if I’m listening to some rock and roll, a lot of the times thoseguitars can sound harsh on crappier headphones, on these, they still sound nice andclear, not bad at all, they don’t hurt, and these, I would say are competenton the higher frequencies.

But are they the best? I mean do you think that thesehave the same sound quality as these ones for a 100 dollars more? Let’s find out. Okay, yeah you can seethere’s a lower profile, they’re rounder kind of sleek looking. Yeah, these sound different. They do sound better,they sound different, it’s not just an EQ thing. The more expensive ones havean app, a companion app, and there’s various EQs presets, and you have the ability to make your own, and then you kind of adjustthe music as you like it. These ones don’t have a companion app, they have no ability to change the EQ, so I thought maybe they justhad a bassier EQ applied to them and locked in, thatdoesn’t seem to be the case. They sound quite a bit different than the more expensive onesbut they do sound good still.

These are pretty comfortable, they come with several different ear tips, and you should change them out because if you don’t get agood seal in your ear canal, you’re not going to feelthat really good bass, you need that. Three different sizes on here in addition to what they came with, soyou’ll probably be pretty covered and they’re the standard ones that you can buy replacementson Amazon, stuff like that. One note that I found about the Google Assistant functionality, is that you cannot hail theassistant using just your voice. You have to hold and press the button down for the assistant to get hailed. That doesn’t mean thatit blocks the voice, like if I just say blank bluegill, my phone will stillhear it and pick it up, but I’m talking to this microphone.

Other differences includethe Bluetooth actually, these have Bluetooth 4.2,rather than Bluetooth 5. I mean functionally, it’sprobably going to be okay, but theoretically, Bluetooth5 has double the bandwidth and four times the range sodepending on your use case, you might have some kindof deficiency there, but you’re probably going to be okay. The advertised quick chargespeeds are different. So if you charge thepremium ones for 10 minutes, you get 90 minutes of playback. If you charge these ones for 10 minutes, you only get 60 minutes of playback. I mean it’s still a pretty sweet stat. I like that spec, it’s good,it’s just not as good as these. All in all though, I thinkfor a 130 dollars right now, these are really good,if they had been included in my roundup of like50 wireless headphones that I did a few months back, they would have been thebest in the bunch, I think. Of course, they’re more expensive. What was the limit on that one, 50 bucks? Well these are a lot more. They’re almost triplethat, they’re a 130 bucks.

 I think they’re awesome, Ithink if you’re new to audio, these might be the bestheadphones you’ve ever had. If you have the extra 100bucks, these are fantastic, and they have active noise canceling, they’re sick on a plane. Like if you have expensive headphones, if you have planar magnetics that you wear in your bead at night, and then you want to go to the gym, and have something thatlike doesn’t kill you, like I have this pair of trulywireless that are garbage, and I don’t even want towear them when I go the gym, these aren’t going to do that to you. If you’re used to good headphones, and you just want somethingnot that expensive to wear to the gym, theseare going to be great, I think these are really good all-rounders and I recommend them. Thanks for watching ShortCircuit today, you guys should subscribebecause I’m going to be reviewing some other really expensiveheadphones from Odyssey, planar magnetics, in a coming episode, or maybe two episodes,so we do have two pairs. 

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